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"Where can I start? We completely love our beautiful new kitchen. Open to the entire downstairs of our small 1920s house, it feels warm and inviting while making the whole house brighter and airier. Jon somehow managed to integrate it perfectly into the rest of the house, blending it so organically with our Thomas Moser dining room that no one can even remember what was there before. Jon’s cabinetry is both beautiful and exquisitely functional –  everything sort of glides – and if you look closely, every joint is perfect, every corner is square, and the exposed wood grains are absolutely gorgeous - so now my kitchen is as much a  work of art as it is a work space. Best of all, Jon is a true pleasure to work with, super-smart, always available and in touch throughout the job. The process was so smooth – even when we hit the inevitable speed bumps – that it now feels as if it just appeared. I can hardly believe this amazing place was barely a concept a year ago. Who knew a perfect home rehab could be so easy?"  A.P. Washington, DC


"Jon is a true artist.  Other woodworkers may charge less, but the quality of Jon's workmanship and his professionalism make his work a value well worth the cost."  A.R. - Washington, DC

"We love our new custom designed kitchen and each morning when I enter, I say, "WOW"!!! Everyone who sees it is amazed at the craftsmanship and all the convenient storage space we have. Jon even added a cubbyhole for a step stool. Our cherry cabinets, beautiful inside as well as outside, are made to last - they are not the cheap flimsy cabinets you so often see these days. He was a pleasure to work with and we appreciated any/all recommendations he offered. He is an expert - skillful, particular, precise and just what we wanted. I would recommend Jon to anyone planning to get a new kitchen or bathroom (he also designed and built our new vanities)."  H.V. - Mason Neck, VA


"My husband commissioned Jon to design and build a desk for my birthday.  It is stunning and very well-crafted, certainly one of the best presents I have ever gotten!"  J.S. - West Des Moines, IA